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Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management | Volume-10 | Issue-01
Customer Relationship Management and Customers Repeat Purchase Behavior in Nigeria
Fiiwe, J. L, Egele, A. E., Ozo, J. U., Obasiabara, B. O.
Published: Jan. 27, 2023 | 222 429
DOI: 10.36347/sjebm.2023.v10i01.002
Pages: 19-28
This paper examined the impact of customer relationship management on repeat purchase behavior of customers in Nigeria. The paper reveals that effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) organisations would help to build, maintain and retain their customer and that would invariably result in their having increased market share and competitive advantage over others in the business. It will also increase the profitability of the company through increased productivity and patronage. This is so because when CRM is effectively implemented, customers have sense of belonging and become committed to the growth and development of the organization. In a bid to meet customers’ expectation or satisfaction through CRM, the company and their employees would become more effective and efficient. It also leads to creation of loyal and committed customers thereby reducing expenses on advertizing or other activities geared towards getting new ones. It recommended that: the management various organisations should establish a healthy communication relationship that would give customers sense of belonging and care for continuous patronage; the management of the organization should adopt programmes that would build customers’ trust for their companies and convince customers of their reliability and dependability in service delivery; the management of should invest more activities that would enhance partnership or collaboration with the customers in order to increase patronage.