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Original Research Article

June 17, 2021

Study of Obesity and Fat Distribution in Young Medical Students

  Dr. P.V.V. Lakshmi, Dr. M. Syamala Devi, Dr. N. Uma, Dr. N. Sharmila

  None | 919-923

  DOI : 10.36347/sjams.2021.v09i06.019

 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub

Review Article

June 15, 2021

An Overview on Validation Process in Pharmaceutical Industries

  Swati Sabale, Santosh Thorat

  None | 95-101

  DOI : 10.36347/sajp.2021.v10i06.001

 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub

Original Research Article

June 13, 2021

Oral Findings in Institutionalized COVID-19 Patients- A Preliminary Survey

  Dr. Hera A. Havewala, Dr. Hemant Dhusia, Dr. Vishal P. Dewalwar, Dr. Suroopa Das

  None | 140-148

  DOI : 10.36347/sjds.2021.v08i05.004

 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub

Case Report

June 12, 2021

Malignant Degeneration of an Osteogenic Exostosis in Multiple Exostatic Disease (About a Case)

  Hayat Bakali, Hind Arbouni, Yassine Harmoumi, Dalal Laoudiyi, Kamilia Chbani, Siham Salam, Lahcen Ouzidan

  None | 276-279

  DOI : 10.36347/sasjm.2021.v07i06.012

 Abstract  PDF  Full Texts e-Pub
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