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Ghana Alternative Medicine Journal | Volume-4 | Issue-03
Global Geriatric Assessment in Elderly Patients Aged 65 Years and Over in Internal Medicine at the University Hospital Center of the Point G, Bamako, Mali: An Observationnal Cross-Sectional Prospective Hospital-Based Study
Keïta Kaly, Sandji Oumar, Tolo Nagou, Saliou Mamadou, Dao Karim, Cissé Sekou Mamadou, Sangaré Drissa, Dembélé Ibrahima Amadou, Mallé Mamadou, Sangaré Barry Boubacar Oumar, Cissoko Mamadou, Togo Maїmou
Published: July 17, 2023 | 88 114
DOI: 10.36347/gamj.2023.v04i03.003
Pages: 94-110
Introduction: The objective of this study was to thoroughly evaluate the elderly patients aged 65 years and over on all his dimensions, medical, psychological, social and functional capacity. Methodology: This was an observational cross-sectional and descriptive study with prospective data collection for 13 months (May 2012 to May 2013) including all consenting subjects aged 65 years and older of both sexes hospitalized in the department Internal Medicine Department at the University Hospital Center of the Point G. Results: Overall, during the study period, 422 patients were hospitalized among which 80 subjects aged at least 65 years (19%). In terms of socio-demographics, patients aged 65 years and over came in second place with 19% of cases (n= 35). Among the elderly patients in our study, the average age of our elderly patients was 73.8 ± 7.4 years with extremes of 65 and 99 years. The male sex represented 67.5% with a male-to-female sex ratio of 2.07. Clinically, the digestive signs were the main reason for hospitalization of elderly patients with 17.1% of cases, followed by the skin sign with 14.7% of cases, and the hematological sign with 13.2% of cases. Concerning the diagnoses retained, the most frequent pathologies in our elderly patients were infectious and tropical pathologies with 23.3% of cases: urogenital infection (n=14), malaria (n=12), extra-pulmonary and pulmonary tuberculosis (n=7), superinfected COPD (n=4); digestive pathologies with 21.8% of cases: gastric pathology (n=16) hepatopathy (n=15), esophageal pathology (n=6); cardiovascular pathologies with 15.6% of cases: vascular pathology (n=16), cardiac pathology (n=14); Tumor pathologies with 15.0% of cases: malignant tumor without metastasis (n=14), malignant tumor with metastasis (n=8). Elderly patients with a single diagnosis were the most observed in 38.8%, followed by 22.5% of cases with 3 diagnoses. At the standardized geriatric assessment, regarding the evaluation of the social environment,