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Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management | Volume-10 | Issue-07
Supply Chain Management, A Key for Success of Commercial Companies in Burundi: A Case Study of SOSUMO Company
Vital Ngenduku, Pr. I. Jean BIZIMANA, Pr. D. Bugandwa Mungu Akonkwa
Published: Aug. 19, 2023 | 155 156
DOI: 10.36347/sjebm.2023.v10i07.003
Pages: 165-169
The purpose of this study was to analyze the contribution of supply chain management in the Success of Commercial Companies in Burundi. The interest for the researcher is to examine supply chain management practice at SOSUMO as a Para-governmental company to ascertain the effect or influence of supply chain management practice to SOSUMO performance and to make recommendations for improvements. The results of this research and presents findings, data analysis and interpretations. Based on the results, the majority of respondents, 80, 7 % of the sample, appreciate that SOSUMO has guidelines regarding the distribution of sugar. For the first research question, we found at 80,7% that SOSUMO's Supply Chain practice is noticeable through some initiatives such as: SOSUMO has guidelines regarding the distribution of sugar , SOSUMO has permanent wholesalers, SOSUMO has Own transport vehicles from the factory to the wholesalers , There is a strong cooperation between SOSUMO and the distributors, SOSUMO has well- managed warehouses, The main distributors are involved in the planning of the supply system, the delivery time is reasonable, sugar distributors get information through today's technology, SOSUMO staff is aware of the current supply system.