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Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences | Volume-11 | Issue-09
Bowel Nosodes of Homoeopathy in Colorectal Cancer & Autoimmune, Metabolic, Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders
Dr. Tridibesh Tripathy, Professor Shankar Das, Professor Dharmendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Umakant Prusty, Dr. Madan Mohan Mishra, Dr. Jeevan Krushna Pattanaik, Dr. Pramod Bihary Pradhan, Mr. Anil Dubey, M
Published: Sept. 17, 2023 | 151 429
DOI: 10.36347/sjams.2023.v11i09.014
Pages: 1667-1676
The age old problems of cholera, typhoid & diarrheal diseases center around gut problems & along with that typhoid continues to bother human race through its recurrence & chronic nature as it affects the peyer’s patches of the gut or the enteron. This article brings out the relation between a healthy gut & conditions like Atopy, Colorectal Cancer (CC) & Auto-immune, Metabolic & Neuro- Psychiatric Disorders. These disorders occur due to gut microbial dysbiosis in the humans. Here, Atopy manifests through skin & respiratory issues, Metabolic manifests through Obesity & Type 2 diabetes, Auto-immune manifests through Irritable Bowel Disease/Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBD/IBS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Celiac Disease (CD) & Neuro-Psychiatric manifests through Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) [6- 29]. Human gastrointestinal tract hosts a complex ecosystem of approximately 300-500 bacterial species. All these encompass nearly 2 million genes & this is known as micro- biome. The number of bacteria within the human gut is roughly 10 times more than that of all the cells in the human body. The cumulative bacterial genomic content is immensely greater than the human genome [4- 30]. A generalized approach to Auto-immune Disorders (AD), Metabolic Disorders (MD), Neuro Psychiatric Disorders (NPD), Atopy & Colorectal Cancer (CC) has failed & modern medicine has already realized that new avenues to restore personalized interventions to restore microbial balance and improve overall health & that too all the related disorders as well [4- 29]. It is here that the article delves into Homoeopathy as it is a personalized system of medicine. Further, it has a range of medicines called ‘Bowel Nosodes’ that are prepared from the bacteria of the gut. Here ‘Bowel’ means the gut and ‘Nosodes’ means medicines prepared from disease products or organisms. As the set of medicines are prepared from the bacteria of the gut, these are called ‘Bowel Nosodes’ [14, 15]. The article sees through the .....