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Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences | Volume-8 | Issue-06
Estimation the Effective Dose for Pediatric during Common Computed Tomography Exanimations
Momen Alkhair, Abdallah I. A. Mohamed, Amel S. A. Elgadal, Suhaib Alameen
Published: June 13, 2020 | 153 116
DOI: 10.36347/sjams.2020.v08i06.011
Pages: 1434-1438
The aim of this study to estimate the effective dose for pediatric during common Computed Tomography exanimations, at five different hospitals in Khartoum state – Sudan, is presented, the gender distributed according to selected CT scan were the total number of patients was 855 patients, approximately 45% of the patient for brain (386; 233 males and 153 female), about 22% for chest (191; 121 males and 70 female), about 10% for CT abdomen (90; 44 males and 46 female) and 21% for pelvis CT (188; 102 males and 86 female) with total number of male and female 500 and 355 respectively. The effective dose found 1.93 mSv for brain (1.98 mSv for male and 1.87 mSv for female), in CT Chest the effective dose was 3.58 mSv (3.57 mSv for male and 3.59 mSv for female), for abdomen was 5.69 mSv (5.25 mSv for male and 6.13 mSv for female) and for pelvis the E found 7.14 mSv (8.04 mSv for male and 6.23 mSv for female). This study recommends that the CT technologist should be aware to achieving the optimization of patient’s dose using the best strategies available for reducing radiation dose, and the patient’s Dose must be monitored regularly.