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Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management | Volume-11 | Issue-04 Call for paper
Exploration and Practice of Value Cultivation for Students in Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education Programs
Meng Xiao
Published: April 1, 2024 | 66 63
DOI: 10.36347/sjebm.2024.v11i04.001
Pages: 107-116
The management cooperative education program refers to collaborative educational projects in the field of management between domestic and foreign universities. This collaboration model helps integrate high-quality education resources from both domestic and international sources, enhancing the quality of teaching and providing students with a broader international perspective and opportunities for career development. This article focuses on the exploration and practice of fostering values for students in management cooperative education. By systematically reviewing key areas such as management ideologies both domestically and internationally, corporate culture and values, and the history of world economic development, this article delves into how to effectively guide students in embracing values of openness, inclusiveness, innovation, and collaboration. On the practical level, the article combines case studies of transnational corporate management practices with the growth and contributions of entrepreneurs in China and abroad, proposing a series of specific cultivation strategies and methods. By integrating case analysis with practical teaching, the aim of this article is to help students translate their learned values into tangible actions, laying a solid foundation for future career development and social responsibility. The research findings of this article have important guiding significance for promoting the cultivation of values for students in management cooperative education.