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Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences | Volume-11 | Issue-03 Call for paper
A Huge Infected Dentigerous Cyst Occupying the Maxillary Sinus
Smida Abdelkader, Slim Afef, Sghaier Jihed, Chokri Abdellatif, Selmi Jamil
Published: May 15, 2024 | 32 25
DOI: 10.36347/sjds.2024.v11i03.003
Pages: 34-39
A dentigerous cyst (DC) ranks as the second most common odontogenic cyst after a radicular cyst arising from the crowns of impacted, embedded, or unerupted teeth. DC frequently causes the corresponding tooth to be displaced into an ectopic location, such as the sinus cavity in the maxilla. Surgical treatment involves extracting the tooth and enucleating the cyst using a conservative intra-oral approach or endoscopic surgery. We report a rare case of a 25-year-old woman with maxillary third molars inside the maxillary sinus attached to a dentigerous cyst and treated with Caldwell Luc surgery through an intraoral approach.