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Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences | Volume-12 | Issue-06 Call for paper
An Observational Study: SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination Response in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients on Dialysis
Dr. Md. Farucul Hasan, Prof. Dr. A B M Mobasher Alam, Prof. Dr Md Babrul Alam, Prof Dr Md Nazrul Islam, Dr. Md Dilder Hossain Badal, Dr. Mohammad Ashikur Rahman Khan, Dr. Syed Anisuzzaman, Dr. Mahnaz
Published: June 8, 2024 | 60 50
DOI: 10.36347/sjams.2024.v12i06.007
Pages: 746-754
Background: Since the pandemic of COVID-19 started from December 2019, remarkable numbers of infections and deaths associated with COVID-19 have been recorded worldwide. Chronic kidney disease patients are particularly at high risk of infections due to impairments in the innate and adaptive immune systems. Adequate humoral (antibody) and cellular (T cell-driven) immunity are required to minimize pathogen entry and promote pathogen clearance to enable infection control. Vaccination can generate cellular and humoral immunity against this specific pathogen. COVID-19 prevention through successful vaccination is therefore paramount in chronic kidney disease population. But vaccination efficacy is diminished in these patients because premature ageing of the immune system and chronic systemic low-grade inflammation are the main causes of immune alteration in these patients. Therefore, it is urgently necessary to establish a different vaccination strategy for chronic kidney disease and dialysis patient in terms of the dose and administration time. Aims: This study aimed to assessment of antibody titers after vaccination against SARS-COV-2 in patients with chronic kidney disease stage 4, 5 on conservative management and maintenance haemodialysis. Methods: This prospective observational comparative was conducted in Nephrology department of Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Selection of patients was done by purposive sampling according to inclusion and exclusion criteria. Total 135 patients distributed in three groups: 45 patients of chronic kidney disease (CKD) stage 4, 5 on conservative management, 45 patients on maintenance haemodialysis (MHD) and 45 healthy controls were approached for the study who were receiving SARS-COV-2 vaccination. Demographic, clinical and laboratory data were collected initially. At first a pre vaccination sample or 1st sample was taken for antibody measurement. Then participants from all groups were given 2 doses MODERNA vaccine containing 100 µg ..