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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology | Volume-2 | Issue-06
Design and Implementation of an E-Learning Live Streaming Application With Audio Chat
Nathan David, Maduabum,Nnanna Obinna
Published: Dec. 30, 2014 | 172 116
DOI: 10.36347/sjet
Pages: 857-862
In recent years, increased computing power, improved wireless and user-friendly technology and reduced telecommunication costs have contributed to lowering barriers to information access and exchange. The potential for using more innovative, cost-efficient and user-friendly ICT solutions in education and for reaching all groups of society: including the under privileged, those in remote areas and other disadvantaged groups has become increasingly feasible in less advanced countries and in more advanced ones. Some of the schools in Nigeria have sub-standard levels of education without basic educational amenities such as: laboratories, competent teachers and libraries while other schools with those amenities are too expensive for the poor and other groups in the society. With the aid of this software we can broadcast live lectures from the school with adequate educational amenities to other schools that are deficient. Thus with the implementation of this software in schools, it will help bridge the gap