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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology | Volume-2 | Issue-06
The Influence of Clove Addition on Physico-Chemical and Organoleptical Characteristics of Burger Meat
Rita Tinangon, Djalal Rosyidi, LilikEka Radiati, Purwadi
Published: Dec. 30, 2014 | 133 124
DOI: 10.36347/sjet
Pages: 886-889
The research is aimed to understand the influence of the addition of clove on (physico-chemical and organoleptical characteristics of burger meat). Research design is Complete Random Planning using a control and various levels of clove such as 0.25 %, 0.50 % and 0.75 %. Data are tested with Analysis of Variance, and followed by Tukey Test and Friedman Test for organoleptical characteristics. The results showed that the addition of cloves were significantly effected (p< 0.05) on pH, water holding capacity, and cooking losses of the burger, but not affected significantly (P>0.05) toward the water content burger. The highest pH was obtained in R0, i.e. 6.40 ± 0.00 and the lowest was in R1, i.e. 6.15 ± 0.06. Meanwhile, the highest water holding capacity was found in R1, i.e. 30.31 ± 1.92, while the lowest one was in R0, i.e. 23.58 ± 2.14. Subsequently, the highest cooking losses was revealed in R0, i.e. 24.36 ± 0.70, while the lowest one was in R3, i.e. 19.93 ± 0.85.Organoleptical test is conducted against burger meat with clove addition to understand color, aroma, texture, and taste. Each panelist provides different rate. It is shown that the sample with the highest rated color is Sample 560 (without clove addition) and the lowest is Sample 573 (with clove addition). Aroma, texture and taste of the sample of burger meat are also examined