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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology | Volume-2 | Issue-06
Thermostructural Analysis of Nitinol Tube
Md. Irfan, S. Irfan Sadaq, B. Yeswanth Kumar, S. Shahar Banu
Published: Dec. 30, 2014 | 136 114
DOI: 10.36347/sjet
Pages: 890-894
Concept of deriving electrical power from solar radiation started in early 90’s itself to get rid of the problems. The concept did not see much of light as water is being proposed to be used as primary working fluid in all solar devices. A device is designed as a part of this project, which utilizes the deformability of the shape memory alloy when it is cold and its reversion to its original shape (when the alloy is heated to above its transition temperature it return to its original length) as the power source for the device. Repetitive thermal cycling causes the strip of material to alternatively elongate and shorten. Thermal cycling over a period of time also trains the alloy to change shape repetitively and accurately with smaller temperature differentials. The device ultimately produces rotary motion, which will be converted into suitable mechanical means for pumping water in absence of conventional electrical power. The outcome of the project is a design of solar pump, which will give a promising solution for a farmer suffering from power shortage problems in summer season.