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Scholars Journal of Engineering and Technology | Volume-2 | Issue-06
One-Dimensional Consolidation and Settlement Analysis of Soils under Pile Cap of Tapered Piles in Compressible Clay
T. W. Adejumo, I.L Boiko
Published: Dec. 30, 2014 | 82 45
DOI: 10.36347/sjet
Pages: 902-907
Analysis and computation of settlements of soils, especially clay is an essential component of geotechnical design for any structure intended to be constructed on it. Consolidation and settlement, especially in clay soil affect the essential criteria of durability, serviceability, as well as functionality and safety of the structure and therefore must be carefully considered in the design of any structured to be cited on it. This research paper presents the results of comprehensive investigations on One-dimensional consolidation and analysis of settlement in soils under pile cap of tapered piles in compressible clay. Compressible clay from Lebiaji, area of Minsk Region was investigated in this work. Settlement of soils underneath pile cap and pile settlement were carried out using Terzaghi’s one-dimensional consolidation theory and load-transfer mechanism from pile load tests. The results, in comparison with field measurements showed a wide variance of field/calculated settlement with an average empirical correlation ratio of 0.22 and an empirical coefficient (Cp) of 0.042.Time-constraint (∆t), and a dimensionless ratio (Tv), a time factor, which play a significant role in the consolidation of clay, contribute to this variation. The convergence factor is 0.95 for the four piles, which provides for acceptable simulation, considering site, material, installation method, mechanical and other determinant constraints.