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Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences | Volume-2 | Issue-04
Consequences of Using Dental Prosthesis and Its Pharmacological Intervention
Dr. Ravi Sehrawat, Dr. Poonam Malik, Dr. Manu Rathee
Published: April 28, 2023 | 365 289
DOI: 10.36347/sjds.2015.v02i04.010
Pages: 306-309
Abstract: Dentistry involves a blend of mechanical and biomedical factors. In no discipline is this blend more apparent than in the field of prosthodontics. Success of in the treatment of the prosthodontic patients requires not only mechanical skills and proficiency but also knowledge of the physiology of the involved anatomic structures and an understanding of the possible pathologic changes that may occur after the treatment. This paper is a review regarding the oral conditions faced as a result of using complete and partial denture prosthesis and their pharmacological intervention.