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Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences
Volume-9 - Issue-05

Review Article

May 20, 2021

Alzheimer’s Disease: A Neurodegenerative Menace of Elderly

  Wahied Khawar Balwan, Neelam Saba

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 120-122

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i05.001

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May 27, 2021

Anti-inflammatory Activity Test of Astaxanthin Extract from Litopenaeus vannamei Shrimp Waste Against the Number of Neutrophils and Lymphocytes in White Rats (Rattus norvegicus) Injected with Carrageenin

  Graciela Carina Najoan, Aniek Prasetyaningsih, Vinsa Cantya Prakasita, Abner Amadeuz Wisaksono, Djoko Rahardjo

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 123-129

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i05.002

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Original Research Article

May 30, 2021

Evaluation of Yield Performance and Molecular Diversity in F2 Population of Soybean, Glycine Max, (L.) Merrill Genotypes

  Adewusi, O. F

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 130-138

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i05.003

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Original Research Article

May 30, 2021

Silica Nanoparticles Induced Oxidative Stress in Different Brain Regions of Male Albino Rats

  Manoj Kumar Maurya, Raghev Langeh, J Anuradha, Rohin Sanjeevani, R Sanjeevi, Sandeep Tripathi, Dushyant Singh Chauhan

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 139-144

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i05.004

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Original Research Article

May 30, 2021

Intoxication of Cypermethrin on Binding Site of Human Oxyhaemoglobin

  Dr. Padma Saxena

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 145-148

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i05.005

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