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Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences
Volume-9 - Issue-09

Original Research Article

Sept. 11, 2021

Ethnobotanical Wild Edible Plants Used by the Tribes of Sahebganj District, Jharkhand

  Sanjib Kumar, Shashi Kumari

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 223-231

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i09.001

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Original Research Article

Sept. 25, 2021

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding HIV and AIDS among the PC/RMPs

  Md. Sazib Miah, Md. Anwarul Amin, Md. Monaim Islam, Md. Kariul Islam, Md Shukur Ali, Md. Tuhin Akter, Giyasuddin Ahamad, Dr. Md. Aynal Hoque

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 232-237

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i09.002

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Original Research Article

Sept. 28, 2021

Floristic Diversity of Edible Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFPs) Sold on the Markets of Brazzaville

  Matoumouene Goma AM, Ayessa Leckoundzou, Yoka J, Baba-Moussa Lamine S

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 238-247

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i09.003

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Original Research Article

Sept. 30, 2021

Effects of Pucuk Merah (Syzygium myrtifolium (Roxb.) Walp.) Leaves Extract on Lymphocytes Count and Spleen Index of Male Balb/C Strain Mice (Mus musculus L.)

  Hana Sefira Wahyu, Kukuh Madyaningrana, Vinsa Cantya Prakasita

  Sch Acad J Biosci | 248-255

  DOI : 10.36347/sajb.2021.v09i09.004

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