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Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy
Volume-6 - Issue-01

Original Research Article

Jan. 25, 2017

Effect of Pistia stratiotes Leaf Extract on Hepatic Functions against Paracetamol Induced Liver Damage in Rats

  Somasundaram G, Israel Raja Johnley I, Sengottuvelu S, Jaikumar S

  Sch Acad J Pharm | 1-3

  DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.1

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Original Research Article

Jan. 26, 2017

Knowledge and Awareness of Breast Cancer among University Students In South-South Nigeria

  Deborah Obehi Onwusah, Mildred Ukamaka Eboigbe, John Edjophe Arute, Amaka Augustina Mgbahurike

  Sch Acad J Pharm | 4-15

  DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.2

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Original Research Article

Jan. 26, 2017

Effect of topical anesthetics on pain during needle insertion of maxillary infiltration anesthesia: a systematic review and meta-analysis study

  Roohollah Sharifi, Saeedeh Salehian, Masoud Sadeghi, Hamid Reza Mozaffari

  Sch Acad J Pharm | 16-26

  DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.3

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Original Research Article

Jan. 27, 2017

RP-HPLC method development and validation for the simultaneous estimation of Miconazole and Clindamycin in pharmaceutical dosage forms

  Ganesh Akula, Vanamdas Saibabu, S.S. Phanindra, Rangu Nirmal, Santhosh Suddagoni, A.Jaswanth

  Sch Acad J Pharm | 27-33

  DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.4

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Original Research Article

Jan. 29, 2017

Formulation and Design of Microparticles based Drug Delivery System of Selective Anti-Retroviral Drug by Chitosan

  Harekrishna Roy, Bhabani Shankar Nayak

  Sch Acad J Pharm | 34-39

  DOI : 10.21276/sajp.2017.6.5

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