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Scholars Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
Volume-7 - Issue-05

Review Article

May 16, 2020

On the Way to Improve the Employment Quality of College Students in the New Era

  Wang Guoqing

  Sch J Agric Vet Sci | 98-100

  DOI : 10.36347/sjavs.2020.v07i05.003

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Original Research Article

May 9, 2020

Genetic Factors Consequence on Productive and Reproductive Recital Traits of Kajli Sheep at Two Ecologies in Pakistan

  Farmanullah, Khalid Javed, Mohammad Salim, Momen Khan, Sajid Ali, Muhammad Altaf Hussain, Sajjad Ahmad, Suliman Khan, Ihsanullah Kakar, Mehmood ul Hassan, Khalid Khan, Sakandar Khan

  Sch J Agric Vet Sci | 82-89

  DOI : 10.36347/sjavs.2020.v07i05.001

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Original Research Article

May 12, 2020

Effects of Different Land Use Systems on Selected Physico-Chemical Properties of Soils in Yamaltu, Yamaltu-Deba Local Government Area, Gombe State

  Ibrahim, A. K

  Sch J Agric Vet Sci | 90-97

  DOI : 10.36347/sjavs.2020.v07i05.002

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Original Research Article

May 19, 2020

Effects of Different Potassium Levels on the Growth and Development of Cordyline fruticosa Var ‘Purple Compacta’

  D. M. Udara Sampath, Shanmugalingam Srikrishnah, Somasundaram Sutharsan

  Sch J Agric Vet Sci | 101-106

  DOI : 10.36347/sjavs.2020.v07i05.004

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