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Scholars Journal of Dental Sciences
Volume-7 - Issue-03

Review Article

March 10, 2020

A Review on Post and Core

  Dr. Himanshi Kalra, Dr. Urvashi Sukhija, Dr. Reena roy Rassawet, Dr. Varsha Rani

  Sch J Dent Sci | 51-56

  DOI : 10.36347/sjds.2020.v07i03.002

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Original Research Article

March 10, 2020

Comparative Evaluation of Antimicrobial Effectiveness of Probiotic and Fluoride Mouthrinse on Salivary Streptococcus mutants in Child in Orthodontic Patients: An Observational Trial

  Dr. Saurabh Satyarth, Dr. Ranjit Kumar

  Sch J Dent Sci | 48-50

  DOI : 10.36347/sjds.2020.v07i03.001

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Review Article

March 13, 2020

Herbert Screw Technique for Treating Oblique Mandibular Parasymphysis Fracture: A Case Report

  Priyanka K, Sridhar Reddy G, Rajasehkar Gali G, Kishore Kumar RV, Satyakumar D

  Sch J Dent Sci | 57-59

  DOI : 10.36347/sjds.2020.v07i03.003

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Case Report

March 27, 2020

Anterior Multiple Supernumerary Teeth in a Non Syndromic Child Managed With Gropers Appliance a Case Report

  Surg Capt DMM Chengappa, Surg Cdr Akshai Kannan, Col Prasanna Kumar, Maj Ashish Bhalla, Dr P Praveen, Dr A Anantharaj

  Sch J Dent Sci | 60-63

  DOI : 10.36347/sjds.2020.v07i03.004

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