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Scholars Journal of Economics, Business and Management | Volume-10-Issue-07
Aug. 2, 2023 | Original Research Article
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The Effect of Financial Literacy, Lifestyle, and Self Control on Women's Financial Management Behavior in Denpasar City
Ni Wayan Ariyastini, Ica Rika Candraningrat
Sch J Econ Bus Manag | 144-155
DOI : 10.36347/sjebm.2023.v10i07.001
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Aug. 17, 2023 | Original Research Article
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Further Analysis on Risk Management and Solutions to Improve Productivity and Safety in Construction Sector - and Environment Protection Law in Construction Activities
Nguyen Xuan Hai, Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy, Le Ngoc Nuong, Nguyen Trong Diep, Tran Duc Thang
Sch J Econ Bus Manag | 156-164
DOI : 10.36347/sjebm.2023.v10i07.002
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Aug. 19, 2023 | Original Research Article
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Supply Chain Management, A Key for Success of Commercial Companies in Burundi: A Case Study of SOSUMO Company
Vital Ngenduku, Pr. I. Jean BIZIMANA, Pr. D. Bugandwa Mungu Akonkwa
Sch J Econ Bus Manag | 165-169
DOI : 10.36347/sjebm.2023.v10i07.003
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